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Friday, October 9, 2020


It's October! It's going to be Halloween Time! I'm getting excited for Fall.

Although we haven't Boo'd anyone yet, I do have the Boo Bag ready to go. I'm going to wait until a little closer to Halloween this year. Since we are in a campground this year, I am only doing one Boo Bag. (If you are wondering why we are in a campground this year, check out our family trip website at Tepe Travels). 

We are still floating easy costume ideas, decorate, and need to find a local pumpkin patch. Although the RV kitchen can be challenging, I think we will probably still be able to roast the seeds. I did find some easy decorations at the local dollar store and now need to figure out how to put them up.

I know COVID may change a lot of Halloween plans around the country. If Halloween is cancelled, we can still make it fun for the kids: maybe by booing the neighbors or friends/family, trick or treating within your tribe, or having a movie night and decorating cookies. Some of my past Halloween posts would be good for staying home Halloween fun.

  • Halloween Mazes:
  • Coloring Page.
  • Pumpkin Soccer or Bowling. Use a small pie pumpkin as the ball. 
    • Soccer: Split into two teams and create goals (small plastic cones work well). Have kids spider walk (aka crab walk) and kick the pumpkin soccer ball with their feet.
    • Bowling: Make pins from rolls of toilet paper.
      • Ghost pins: Decorate rolls with black paper eyes and mouth.
      • Mummy: Wrap a piece of toilet paper around a roll and add eyes.
      • Witch: Wrap in green tissue paper, add construction paper eyes/nose/mouth, and top with paper hat.
      • Vampire: Add fangs/mouth/eyes, and a black paper cape.
      •  Frankenstein: Wrap in green tissue paper, draw with sharpie or add black paper stitch marks/scars. Add eyes/nose/mouth.



Some of my Fall Fun links work great for Halloween too!

OTHER FUN LINKS: (Links are external links, not to DailyMesses.)
What are some of your fun ideas/traditions for Halloween? Share in Comments!

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