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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Feed The Monster

The boys have mentioned (quite a few times) that we haven't been making as many crafts at the new house. Halloween is the perfect time to get back on the crafting wagon, so I started getting some ideas for Halloween crafts. The first one was a big hit. We made a Feed The Monster game and they love it!

You will need:

1. Prepare tissue box: tear out the plastic liner and cut out teeth or make the opening larger (optional). This will be the mouth.
2. Optional: Paint the tissue box and let dry. We had floral tissue boxes, which no self respecting boy monster wants to be seen in. DM TIP: I spray painted the boxes black while the boys were at school so they would be ready when they got home.
3. Decorate! This is fun to just sit back and watch their creativity. Higgins painted all the teeth white, used the round office labeling stickers and his monster had to have feet. Bernardo preferred painting on his monsters face.
4. Let any paint or glue dry.
5. Place the box and take turns throwing the balls into the monsters mouth ("feeding the monster")!

DM Learning: After awhile of playing, the Elmer's glue did not hold the googly eyes on very well. Hot glue might be a better option.
DM Idea: This would also be a fun take home craft for a monster themed birthday!

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