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Sunday, January 24, 2021

February Brings Hearts`

It's hard to believe January is just about over and February is almost here. Valentine's Day is coming soon!  

I don't get any requests for homemade Valentines now that the kids are getting older. Plus, this year with online school and travel, we really won't have the opportunity to hand out Valentine's Day cards. 

This year, they will still get a small gift, maybe some candy. I'll probably make some sort of treat as well.

There are still ways to make a social distancing Valentine's Day special! You can make someone's favorite food, rent a new movie, send a meal to someone farther away, or even drop off a basket of treats (or craft supplies to keep the kids busy!) to their house. My list of Valentines, Food, Crafts, Gift, and Activity ideas is below.


  • Minecraft Valentine's Day Boxes 
  • Heart Crayon Valentines
  • Candied Popcorn Bags, "I'm popping with happiness that you're my Valentine". One year I attached a Valentine themed bag full of candied popcorn to a store bought Valentine.
  • Use potato stamps to make a hearts on a homemade card. (Use a small heart cookie cutter to cut out the shape.)
  • Play-Doh Heart ornaments/necklaces
  • Make Heart Shaped Chalk
  • Hot Air Balloon: it could even have a picture of your child in the basket. "Your friendship lifts me up."
  • Butterfly Pencil
  • Bubbles with a Valentine's Day themed note like "Your friendship makes me bubbly".
  • S'more Kit (marshmallow, graham cracker squares, piece of chocolate), "Your friendship makes me feel mushy inside".
  • Goldfish or gummy fish in a fishbowl shaped baggie with a "school" type of message. The pre-made bags can be hard to find and making the bags can be a little time consuming (click for directions). If you use a regular bag, you can cut a bowl shape piece of paper, write the message and place behind the fish.
  • Other non-candy ideas: clementines, cars, glow sticks/bracelets/necklaces ("Your friendship brightens my day"). The dollar store or dollar bins at Target or Michael's are great to find little treasures in.
  • Hanging Stained Glass Card with "stained glass" made from wax paper and crayons.
  • Easy Stained Glass Heart with contact paper and tissue paper.
  • "I know I'll go far/succeed with you as my friend" type of message with a goodie bag of school gear: pencils, erasers, goldfish bag, ruler, markers, stickers, etc. The dollar store or dollar bins at Target or Michael's are great to find themed pencils and erasers.

What are some of your favorite homemade Valentines and treats?

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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Making Cranberry Pie In The RV

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Months ago, I saw a recipe online for Cranberry Pie. I saved it because I really wanted to try it for Christmas. I was a little worried about baking it in the RV, but after successfully baking some Christmas sugar cookies, we gave it a shot. It was easy, delicious, and turned out well.

It took a little longer to cook than the directions stated. I have a pizza stone under the rack to help disperse the heat, so I think it causes the temperature to run a little low.

The pie was both sweet and a little tart, and even the cranberry skeptic loved it. I would definitely eat this warm, soon after it comes out of the oven. We had some cold the next day and it was nice, but the flavor wasn't the same intensity.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

New Release!

We've been on the road now since July and online school, and remote work having been going pretty well. The boys are seeing and learning so much, not just in school but in first hand experiences.

We learned a lot as well and experienced so many new things. As of yesterday, I am no longer the only published author in our family! Hubby was inspired to write his own Christmas book, making it campground and RV themed. It is available as an eBook on Amazon's Kindle and Kindle apps. We are working on a paperback version, but running into a few technical difficulties and hope to have it out soon as well. If you are interested in the book, you can find it here.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Mini E, Elf Days 8-15


Day 8: Hid in a very messy desk.

Day 9: Hid behind hubby's green screen for work.

Day 10: Didn't move very far, as he was sleeping on top of our bedroom slide-out.

Day 11: Hid in the pantry guarding the new bag of chips. 

Day 12: Left a rummy game for the boys.

Day 13: Sitting on a much cleaner desk.

Day 14: Hid in the cabinet by the plates, napkins, and coffee supplies.

Day 15: Somehow got stuck in the paper towel roll/holder.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Christmas Ideas

This year Christmas may look a little different for all of us due to Covid. We will still be traveling and won't be in town. We plan on connecting with everyone on Zoom or FaceTime. There are a few things listed below that will work as long distance games you can play together, like a scavenger hunt and bingo. Each group can drive around and find the items. I have craft/activity, food, and gift ideas down below.



ELF: Here is the link to my elf post. I update it when I get new ideas.




         MEAL ITEMS:



Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Elf Days 4-7

Mini-E, our RV elf, is having a hard time finding the best places to hide. 

Day 4: Window valence, making sure online school is going well.

Day 5: Laying down on the job. On the kitchen slide-out above the refrigerator.

Day 6: Hanging out in a stocking, peeking towards where the St. Nick's stockings were laid out.

Day 7:  In the bathroom, above the mirror. The kids found this spot creepy, so the elf will probably stay away from the bathroom from now on.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Elf On The Shelf 2020, Days 1-3

 I somehow forgot Eugene when we moved into the RV for our year of travel. He must be in the storage unit. I did manage to find another, smaller, elf at Target in the ornament area. I think he will work out rather well. Meet Mini E!

Shared from our family's travel blog.

Previous Elf Posts link.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Elf Shenanigans Of The Past

I thought I would refresh the list of the favorite Elf visits. I'm trying to get some inspiration for new ideas that I could translate into the RV this year.

If you need any ideas for your Elf (or reindeer/snowman/whatever creature you may hide), here are some of our Elf's past exploits. (NOTE: These are only some of his previous ideas, but all of his appearances can be found under Categories: Elf On The Shelf.)

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