Welcome! I am a mom to two wonderful kids, a lovely greyhound, and a wife to a great husband. Needless to say, there are a lot of daily messes to clean up around our house. Daily Messes is my blog to share ideas on things to do with your kids, snack and meal ideas, crafts, and holiday fun. I hope you find something to enjoy!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Mother's Day is Sunday!

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th! If you are running a little behind like I am, I have some gift/craft/food/fun/freebie ideas below! Just click on the links for the recipes or directions :) 



FUN: (To Print: Right click on image, Save As/Save to Computer, Print.)

  • Shutterfly: Free card with code CARD4U.
  • First Watch: Free box of chocolates for Mom. (Come back on Father's Day for a free bag of coffee!) 
  • Barnes & Noble: Mother's Day story time and activities on 5/12, 11:00 am. Please double check the time/date. The link will bring you to the story time page and you can check your local store.
  • Zoo: There are a lot of zoos across the country offering free admission for moms on Mother's Day. Please call/check your local zoo's website or google before going.
  • Shoney's: Free slice of strawberry pie for mom (with purchase of entree/buffet)  
  • Orange Leaf: Free cup of froyo for Mom. (You have to print and bring the coupon in the link.)
  • Abuelo's: They are giving away free gift type of items.  
  • Bass Pro Shops: Free 4x6 picture for Mother's Day during select times on 5/12 and 5/13. Cabela's is also supposed to offer a free picture.
  • TCBY: Free FROYO.
  • Hooters: Free entree for Mom with drink purchase.
  • Spaghetti Warehouse: When you eat in, Mom will receive a voucher for a free 15 layer lasagna on her next visit. She can also enter a drawing to win $1000.
*Always check with your local store to make sure they are participating before you go!

If you know of any other freebies, please feel free to share in Comments!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (115 Ideas!)

Anyone need ideas for Mother's Day? Below are ideas for gifts you can make, buy, or even things you can do as a gift. There are mix of ideas for both adults and kids to make/do/buy.

1.  Flowers. You can buy some from a store/florist or make your own bunch from the garden. Farmer's markets often have flowers for sale as well. You can make your own from egg cartons or coffee filters.
2.  Compose and sing her a song.
3.  Make her a homemade card.
4.  Take the kids to a Home Depot or Lowe's* kids workshop and make something special for Mother's day. (*Some Lowe's have stopped their kids workshop, so please check with your local store.)
5.  Breakfast in bed. It may be best if Dad helps. One time the kids were super sweet and tried to make us breakfast in bed. We had sour cream (they thought it was yogurt) and salad (with zucchini in it).
6.  Let mom sleep in.
7.  Create a picture frame (click here for a video), picture, or message out of Legos.
8.  Don't let Mom do any chores for the day!
9.  Set up a Skype or FaceTime session with her favorite out of town person.
10. Plan a weekend away. Even if it's not on Mother's Day weekend, you can give her the details and it's still a great gift.
11. Surprise her with a "date" night with the kids (or grandkids). (Movie tickets, dinner, snacks, lazer tag, etc.)
12.  An e-book reader. Barnes and Nobles usually have plenty in stock at their stores. The Kindle is available at Amazon.com or in some office and electronics stores (Staples, Best Buy). For an added bonus, have some books she has wanted to read already loaded on it!
13.  Take her out to eat or cook her dinner. Trust me, it is really nice to eat something we didn't have to make!
14.  New DSLR camera or a purse sized camera (I have this one and love it! It also does video.)
15.  Create a playlist for her. (Old school: burn her a CD. Older school: make her mixed tape. Amazon sells a USB drive that looks like an old cassette tape. We went to a wedding where these were the favors with songs loaded to them.) 
16.  A bottle of her favorite wine and some glasses.
17.  If she already has an iPad, Nook, or Kindle, buy her a new case.
18.  Take her to a movie, without the kids!
19.  Chocolate.
20.   A gift card to her favorite book store.
21.  Gift card to a spa, or already have a surprise appointment set up.
22.  Subscription to a magazine.
23.  Paint your own clay pots and fill with candy. It might be fun to have everyone's fingerprints (maybe even labeled) on the pots.

24.  Write her a poem.
25.  Set up an appointment at a paint-your-own pottery place. We did this several years ago and it was lots of fun!
26.  Buy or make a cake or cupcakes, and let the kids decorate.
27.  Perfume. (If she likes perfume.)
28.  Donate to her favorite charity. Here is one of mine: Heifer.
29.  Make your own gift basket. Some examples: favorite kind of coffee and a new mug, bubble bath with bath salts and a robe, wine and glasses, chocolate.
30.  Make a candy bouquet.
31.  Give her a digital picture frame already loaded with her favorite pictures (or your favorites of her).
32.  iTunes gift card, CD, Pandora or other music subscription.
33.  Gift certificate for zip lining.
34.  A photobook. There are some stores that offer same day options.
35.  Breakout or another Escape the Room experience. Groupon often has these available.
36.  Plant her a garden or build a garden box.
37.  Patio ride. The link is to the Denver Patio Ride, but lots of other cities have these. Google your city and "patio ride" or "peddle wagon".
Photo from Yelp
38.  Buy her jewelry with all of the kids initials or birthstones. Have the kids design something for Mom.
39.  Chocolate dipped strawberries. Lots of grocery stores carry these this time of year. There are other online stores as well, such as Edible Arrangements.
40.  Take her to design-your-own-jewelry store.
41.  Concert tickets.
42.  New bathrobe, maybe with some bath salts.
43.  Clean something. Really. We'll take just about anything!
44.  Potted plant. 
45.  Make her a dessert pizza.
46.  Video camera.
47.  Paint a picture. Buy a canvas at a craft store and let the kids paint Mom a picture.

48.  Tickets to play.
49.  Towels...if she wants them. Seriously, my Mom asked for towels one year.
50.  A puppy or adopt a dog. (As a public service announcement, please make sure you have the time and willingness to care for a pet. They are amazing but can take a lot of effort.)
51.  Organize babysitting for a Mom-day.
52.  Make clay hand prints of the kids. Many craft stores have handprint kits.
53.  Candles.
54.  Tell her how beautiful she is.
55.  Bon Bons.
56.  Paint a room that she has been wanting changed. 
57.  Gym membership. I would only do this if she has asked for one!
58.  Make canvas hand print art. You can buy canvas online or in craft stores. (Click here for directions.)
59.  Wash Mom's car.

60.  New cell phone or Apple Watch.
61.  Glass blowing lessons.
62.  Foot rub.
63.  Buy her a piece of furniture.
64.  Especially for kids: make your bed, brush your teeth, clean your room, or clean up the toys without being asked!
65.  Write inspirational messages on her mirror (we love you, you're beautiful, thank you). Use something that can be washed off. Here's my post on when we started doing this as a family.
66.  Yoga class.
67.  Fix something broken (a piece of jewelry, something around the house...)
68.  Give Mom a hug for no reason.
69.  Horseback riding.
70.  Buy her favorite dessert.

71.  Video your child reading his/her favorite book for Mom. This is super cute, plus it is great for when the kids are older and you can look back at when they were smaller. Or at least pull it out when they bring dates home or at their wedding.
72.  Plant a tree, bush, flowers.
73.  Wash the windows.
74.  Duck tour. This is the link to the Boston Duck Tours, but other cities have them too. (Google your city and "duck tour" or "duck boat tour".)
75.  Color Mom a picture.
76.  Change all the diapers for the day.
77.  Buy her a new purse.
78.  Bake her cookies.
79.  Create (and print) a photo collage.
80.  Tell her you love her in a different language.
81.  Take her on a hot air balloon ride.
82.  Help her with her blog. (Can you tell my husband came up with this one?)
83.  Gift card to her favorite store. Amazon will ship a gift card to your person's house or send it to their email. (I may have an addiction to Target and Amazon...)
84.  Framed picture of you and Mom or Mom with all of her kids and grandkids. 
85.  Make smiley faced pancakes. Chocolate chips and berries work great for the face!
86.  Boat ride (dinner cruise, paddle boat, tour).
87.  Airboat ride. We went to Airboat Rides at Midway on vacation several years ago and had a blast!
88.  Rent a romantic comedy.
89.  Teach her your favorite game or sport.
90.  Buy her favorite flavor of Jelly Belly jelly beans. Some stores let you buy individual flavors. My favorite are the cherry!
91.  Watch the sunset with her.

92.  Take her swimming or to the beach.
93.  Go to the park. Bonus points: Pack a picnic basket and have a picnic in the park!
94.  Buy her a book or e-book.
95.  Make her an edible message. Spell out a message in alphabet soup, letter pretzels...
96.  Make her a candle. Many craft/hobby stores sell kits.
97.  Scrub the toilet.
98.  Take her to a game.
99.  Do the laundry and/or iron the clothes.
100.  If she has a pond, buy her plants or goldfish for it.
101.  Buy her permanent flowers (wooden, crystal, bronzed, glass).
102.  Buy her a blanket.
103.  Get her a pedicure or manicure.
104.  Take her to a wine tasting.
105.  Plan a scavenger hunt for her.
106.  Rent a limo for the day or to go to dinner.
107.  Buy her a locket with the kids pictures already in it. There are some lockets that have space for 4 pictures.
108.  Potty train your child. 
109.  New car (ok, this one is a little out there!).
110.  Make her a sculpture.
111.  If she likes to bake, buy her new pans and supplies.
112.  Take a tour (brewery, vineyard, gangster, historic, ghost...)
113.  KitchenAid stand mixer, and/or fun attachments (pasta, ice cream, meat grinder).
114.  Cookie bouquet.

115.  Embroidered gift. Get a bag, apron, key chain, etc., embroidered with her initials, name, or the kids names.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Easter Baskets, Craft, and Food Ideas

Easter is coming up quickly. I am trying to come up with non-candy ideas for the boys' baskets. There are a few things that they always get: a small pack of jelly beans, a couple of Reese's eggs, and a book or two. I want to keep most if it to non-candy, especially since this year we have orthodontics to deal with. Last year, I added some soccer gear to their baskets (extra socks-game day always seemed to be a hunt for socks, and a practice net for the backyard). I am still trying to come up with ideas. If, like me, you need ideas, I have some of the food/craft/Easter basket and egg hunt ideas from the past couple of years below.

  • Egg dying and decorating: There are a lot of ways to decorate eggs, however we love to eat our eggs! So, I am only going to be doing ideas that leave the eggs edible.
    • Eggstravaganza (dying with food coloring, natural dyes, impression eggs, tissue paper, crayons, rubber bands, stickers, Diva Eggs, and Lady Bug Eggs)
    • Painted Eggs (fingerprint animals, bubble wrap, painted designs):
    • Crackle Eggs 
    • Space Invaders, Glitter, and Snorkle Eggs
    • Drip Art Eggs: These look fun, but we haven't tried them yet. Stand a hard boiled egg upright over something that will not get ruined (like a plastic plate or bowl). Place a drop of food coloring on the top of the egg. Mist egg using a spray bottle. Add a drop of another color, mist again. Gently blow on the egg to make the colors move around.
    • Monster Eggs (using glue dots, pipe cleaners, and stickers)
    • Tattoo Eggs: Use temporary tattoos. Make sure egg is completely dry before following tattoo directions. 
    • Ombre Eggs: Place a bottle cap (flat side down) on the bottom of a wide glass (8-10 oz.). Set egg on bottle cap. Mix the dye (1 teaspoon vinegar, 40 drops food coloring, 1/2 cup boiling water). Pour dye into glass until 1/4 of the egg is covered. Let sit 5 minutes. Add plain warm water to the cup until 1/2 the egg is covered. Let set 3 minutes. Add more water to the desired level. Wait 2 minutes. Repeat if want additional stripes. Carefully remove with tongs and let dry.
  • Basket Filler Ideas:
    • New gear: soccer ball/cleats/shin guards/practice net, baseball cleats/balls/bats/bag/helmet/throw back, shoes: track/running, mouth guards, golf bag/balls/gloves/clubs, etc.
    • Vouchers: Vouchers can be for anything! Examples: extra hour of TV/Game time, stay up late, get out of 1 chore, money to spend at a store/amusement park/zoo/aquarium, etc. 
    • Star Wars Light Saber Popsicle Mold
    • Slinky's
    • Chocolate Maze
    • Reese's Giant Peanut Butter Egg. Amazon sells these sometimes, but I have found them cheaper at the grocery store and Target. It was $5.49 at my local store.
    • Large sized gummy treats. I found several at Target (gummy bunny 1.75 oz/$1.99), and Party City (Pizza, burger, sushi...$3.99).

    • Lego's: Any fun looking set, mystery minifigure packs, Mixel's (Amazon, Lego). Lego usually has holiday themed sets as well.
    • New weapons/Lego figures/crates. We found BrickArms a couple of years ago and the boys love discovering new weapons and figures for their Lego collection. This year, we bought a few different packs and are mixing up the contents and putting them in several Easter Eggs.
    • Jelly Beans
    • Play-Doh Eggs (Amazon, grocery store)
    • Art/Office Supplies: pencils, pencil sharpeners, markers, tape, etc.
    • Fill eggs with coins.
    • Movie tickets.
    • DVD's. Half Price Books, Michael's Crafts, and Target often have cheaper movies.
    • Book store gift cards.
    • Hot Wheels. There are even some Hot Wheels that fit Lego figures!
    • Mini nail polish, nail files, etc. 
    • Books. Sometimes I use Easter themed books, sometimes just books in a series they love. My oldest is really into Uncle John's Bathroom Readers For Kids. It always surprises me when he says "Oh, I know this!", adds to our conversation, and says he learned it from his Bathroom Reader. They even have sets of paper placemats, if you are having an Easter party and need to keep the kids busy!
    • Craft kits: build a robot (Higgins got the crab robot for Christmas and loved it), origami, jewelry (necklace/bracelet, grown own crystals and make jewelry...)
    • Amazon gift cards.