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Monday, November 20, 2017


How is it possible that it is almost Thanksgiving? It feels like we just had Halloween! If you need any last ideas or some recipes, I have a few below. :)  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!





Thanksgiving Word Hunt

How many words can you make out of the word Thanksgiving? How about the word Turkey? I have some of the words we found under the puzzles.

You can print it or click on it to make larger. To Print: Right Click-Open image in new tab-Print or Ctrl-P. Or Right Click-Save/Save Image As/Save to Computer-Open the saved image-Print.


Ah     An     Ankh     As     Ash     Ask     At     Gag     Gain     Gaining    Gains     Gait     Gaits     Gash     Gat     Ghast     Gin     Gins     Gist     Giving     Gnash     Gnashing     Ha     Hag     Hang     Han     Hanging     Hangs     Hank     Has     Hat     Hats     Hi     Hint     Hinting     Hints     His     Hit     Hits     I     In     Inn     Ink     Is     It     Kin     Kings     Kings     Kit     Kits     Kith     Kiths     Knight     Knights     Knit     Knits     Nag     Nags     Nan     Nit     Sag     Saint     Sang     Sank     Sat     Shin     Si     Sign     Sin     Sing     Singing     Sink     Sit     Skating     Ski     Skiing     Skin     Skit     Stan     Tag     Tags     Tan     Tang     Tank     Tanks     Tans     Thank       Thanks     Than     Thin     Think     Thinks     Thinking     Thing     Tin     Tins     Van     Vans     Vast     Vat     Via


    Key     Re     Rye     Rey     Rue     True     Trek     Try     Tyke     Yet     Yurt

      What words did you find? (It's almost midnight as I try to finish, so I'm sure I missed a lot. Please share what you found!)

      Sunday, November 19, 2017

      Thanksgiving Word Scramble

      Here's a Thanksgiving themed word scramble to help keep everyone busy while you get things ready for Thanksgiving!

      Answers below:


      To Print the word scramble: Click on image. Right click. Choose Open In New Tab/Window. Click Print. Or, click on image, right click, choose Save Image As. Print saved image.

      Thanksgiving Kids Table

      I may be running a little behind on my Thanksgiving planning. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year and I am trying to create a kids table to help keep them busy.

      I wanted something fun that they could interact with, but also wouldn't take up a ton of room in the dining area. I am going to make a coloring/activity table.
      I found a fun coloring activity tablecloth at Target for $3.50. Amazon also has a similar one that comes with crayons, but it costs a bit more. If you don't like tablecloths, Target and local craft stores often have coloring place mats as well. We have used the Christmas tablecloth version almost every year with the kids, and I would definitely recommend using crayons. Colored pencils would rip the paper. I haven't tried markers yet, so I'm not sure if they would bleed through to the table.

      To go with the tablecloth, I made some pilgrim hat crayon holders. They are pretty easy to make. You can make each hat the same or personalize with different colored hat bands or write their names on them. I couldn't find plain small black paper cups at the local stores, so I ended up buying some plastic ones on Amazon. They worked pretty well, but paper probably would have been easier to work with. To make the cups, flip over and cut out the bottom of the cup. Cut out a circle that is larger than the top of the cup to make the hat brim. This will also hold the crayons in the cup. Glue the hat brim to the large top of the cup. I used hot glue. Next, cut a length of ribbon or colored paper and glue around the edge of the cup and hat brim. Cut a small rectangle or square out of yellow paper and glue in the middle of the ribbon. Fill with crayons! Yes, there is a distinct lack of crayons in the picture. I couldn't find the extras I bought at back to school time. I will run out and buy more so there are plenty for everyone! :)

      I'm also going to be printing my Thanksgiving Word Search, dot games, and Thanksgiving themed Mad Lib Sheets. There are a lot of free printables online! I also found small wood pumpkins at the craft store that the kids can color ($5.99 for 12 at Hobby Lobby). I'm working on making a Thanksgiving Word Scramble and Word Hunt. If I get them done in time, I'll post them.

      What do you have at your Thanksgiving to keep the kids busy? Please comment and share!

      Wednesday, October 11, 2017

      Halloween is Coming!

      It's getting closer to Halloween! I love this time of year: the leaves are changing and falling, decorations, and fun food. I love everything except horror movies and haunted houses. I know, it's weird to love Halloween and hate those two things.

      The boys are once again really excited, although no costume decisions have been made. I also do not have any decorations up. What?! I really need to get on that. We recently adopted a new dog. She is an amazing retired racing greyhound. I'm trying to convince the boys to do themed costumes with her. We'll see if I succeed. 
      I have gotten a few things for the Boo bags, but haven't Boo'd anyone yet. We still have to go to the pumpkin patch, get costumes, put up decorations, carve the pumpkins, and roast the seeds. Oh, and buy lots of candy! If you need any Halloween ideas, I have a bunch below!
      • Coloring Page.
      • Pumpkin Soccer or Bowling. Use a small pie pumpkin as the ball. 
        • Soccer: Split into two teams and create goals (small plastic cones work well). Have kids spider walk (aka crab walk) and kick the pumpkin soccer ball with their feet.
        • Bowling: Make pins from rolls of toilet paper.
          • Ghost pins: Decorate rolls with black paper eyes and mouth.
          • Mummy: Wrap a piece of toilet paper around a roll and add eyes.
          • Witch: Wrap in green tissue paper, add construction paper eyes/nose/mouth, and top with paper hat.
          • Vampire: Add fangs/mouth/eyes, and a black paper cape.
          •  Frankenstein: Wrap in green tissue paper, draw with sharpie or add black paper stitch marks/scars. Add eyes/nose/mouth.



      Some of my Fall Fun links work great for Halloween too!

      OTHER FUN LINKS: (Links are external links, not to DailyMesses.)

      Monday, September 25, 2017

      Saturday, September 16, 2017

      Mirror, Mirror

      In the last few months, my husband has started leaving surprises in the bathroom for me and the kids to find. It has been a lot of fun finding these in the morning.

      I'm talking about messages! What did you think I was talking about?

      He has been using a dry erase marker to write messages on the mirrors. It doesn't happen everyday, but it does start my morning off with a smile, which is a pretty good way to start the day. Sometimes the messages are as simple as "I love you. Have a good day.", "Happy 1st Day of School!", or "Good luck on your test today.". Sometimes the messages were funny, such as "Enjoy the eclipse today. Don't go blind.".

      I, of course, wanted in on the fun and started writing messages back on his side of the mirror and adding my own for the kids. The kids loved them and were a little shocked the first time they saw writing on the mirror. Of course, we had to explain you could only use the dry erase marker to write on the mirror, and to only use the markers on the mirror because they could stain other things. (But of course the marker didn't stay on the mirror. I did manage to get it off the wall relatively easily, which I get into a little later. Luckily, it only happened the one time.)

      During the week, Hubby gets up super early for work and I am not awake enough to really interact coherently with him. As a way to interact a little more in the mornings and to add some fun, I thought it would be nice to start playing games on the mirrors. I could play the night before and he could play in the morning. We each have our own color of marker, just to make it easier to keep track of turns. At first, we played tic tac toe, which as you might think, was not as exciting as I envisioned it to be. We then moved onto playing the dot game (click here for game rules). At first we just counted the number of lines to determine whose turn it was. However, once a box is made, the person gets another turn, which could make it confusing. We wrote our initials on the mirror in our marker color, and then placed a dot under the person whose turn it was.
      Note: It is really, really hard to take a picture of a mirror without getting yourself in the picture!
      The boys wanted in on the gaming action. Bernardo and I are playing a rousing game of hangman (click here for game rules). Since we are playing it on the mirror, I put a spot labeled "Letter Guesses". The person who is guessing writes their letter under Guesses. The person who created the puzzle then looks at the Guess. If it is correct, they fill it in the word/sentence. If it is wrong, they mark an X through the Guess and make a mark on the hangman piece. Higgins and I started off by playing tic tac toe, but have moved onto hangman as well. Bernardo has also created his own game of hangman on my mirror for us to play. 
      I never imagined that it would have a such an impact on the kids. They really look forward to seeing messages or playing the games. I've gotten random hugs when they see new messages. If I forget to check to see if it my turn to play, they will nicely remind me that they took their turn. If we haven't left a message in a while, they say how much they like getting the messages (another hint to leave them more)! The boys have started leaving us messages too. They like to sneak them in before bedtime, so we are surprised when it is time for us to go to bed.

      Logistical Issues:
      • Markers, Markers Everywhere: Having dry erase markers roll around the counter was slowing driving me up a wall. I found small holders from Command (I used the razor holder cup) and attached it to the mirror. I really wanted a suction cup type of holder (like this one), but couldn't find them in the stores. I guess since everyone is back to school, they're no longer in stock. Our mirrors also do not have any metal to use the magnetic cup holders. I think the Command cups should work out well though.
      • Cleaning: I found that using an old towel or rag works well for cleaning off the marker. There are dry erase marker erasers (some markers have them on the lid or are sold separately), but I found they leave some residue or clumps behind. You can also spray a glass cleaner to get any residual marks off the glass. Higgins was a little overzealous when writing with the marker and got it on the wall next to the mirror. The eraser on top of the marker got some of it off. I tried using a wet towel, which did absolutely nothing to the remaining marker. I next pulled out the one cleaning trick that hasn't failed me yet: the magic eraser! It did get the remaining marker off, but also had a green tint when I was done, so I think it took a little bit of the paint off too. Looking at the wall, you cannot see any paint is gone, but I may try another cleaning method if it happens again. I did some research afterwards and read that rubbing white toothpaste or rubbing alcohol will clean the wall and should not take off the paint. Someone had also recommended using hairspray (also works with clothes: spray, rub gently, rinse).
      Wall Whoops. I made it a little harder to clean since I placed the marker cup right next to the spot. Really should have cleaned spot, THEN attached the holder.
      So far, this has been a fun experience and I think it is quickly becoming a new family tradition!

      Monday, September 11, 2017

      International Talk Like A Pirate Day is 9/19!

      9/19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! There are so many ways to celebrate. We have a blast with this oddball holiday every year. 
      Are you ready to don your pirate hat and seek treasure and adventure? If you've misplaced your treasure map, here are some ways to celebrate!

      • Treasure Hunt (click my Arg, Maties! post for directions on how to make an aged treasure map)
      • Make Buried Treasure Cups (click link for directions). Our first treasure hunt ended up at the fridge for the buried treasure cups.
      • Read your favorite pirate book (link to ours)
      • Make Pumpkin Pirate Boats (click my Arg, Maties! post for directions)
      • Pirate themed coloring pages (I have a coloring sheet in my Arg, Maties! post)
      • Have a pirate speaking contest
      • Serve chocolate gold coins at lunch. They go great with Squidy Dogs, although for Pirate Day maybe they should be called Kraken Dogs! (click link for directions) 
      • If your floors need cleaning, you could always have a swab the deck contest! ;)  
      • Try my Pirate Word Find
      • For bath time, try making foam monsters and ship shapes
      • If you live near a river, etc. with river boat cruises, see if they have a pirate themed cruise. We did one a few years ago, and the boys loved it!
      • Have a coin toss! Similar to my St. Patrick's Day Coin Toss, but make a treasure chest using shoe box or other cardboard box.



      How I Became A Pirate (I love these books!)
      Pirates Don't Change Diapers
      Pirates Activity Book (great in case of a rainy day)
      Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon 
      Pirates  (Follow up to Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon, information on pirates.)
      Shiver Me Letters: A Pirates ABC
      The Pirate Cruncher
      There Was An Old Pirate Who Swallowed A Fish

      Lego Pirates of the Caribbean video game (Wii, DS, 3DS, XBox, Playstation, etc.)
      Melissa & Doug Pirate Puzzle
      Pirate Ship Toy
      Pirate Tattoos
      Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Game
      Alex Toys Pirates of the Tub
      Pirates Only Room Sign
      Jake's Never Land Pirate School, free app for the iPhone or iPad

      Scooby Doo! Pirates Ahoy!
      Pirates of the Caribbean
      The Pirates

      Chocolate gold coins
      Pirate's Booty, White Cheddar Popcorn
      Bubblegum gold coins
      Chocolate silver coins
      Chocolate penny coins

      Wednesday, September 6, 2017

      Happy Read A Book Day!

      Today is Read A Book Day! A new book from one of my favorite authors came out yesterday, so I just need to get some coffee and I am all set. ☺

      I made a new word find/word search filled with some of our favorite books, as well as the some of the classics. I hope you enjoy it!

      You can print it or click on it to make larger. To Print: Right Click-Open image in new tab-Print or Ctrl-P. Or Right Click-Save/Save Image As/Save to Computer-Open the saved image-Print. If it is easier, here is a PDF version of the Word Find (Google Docs).