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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Leprechaun Visit and Treats With Obstacle Course

Last year, I may have gone a little overboard on the Leprechaun visit set up. It didn't turn out quite as extensive as I imagined it in my mind, but the kids still got a kick out of it.

The boys still had their pots of treats, but in order keep the dog out of the pots (tempting candy and chocolate), I made a bit of an obstacle with gold paper streamers. The trail to their treats began in their room. The leprechaun left them each a note to follow a rainbow trail. They had their own trail to follow of rainbow squares with their initials. Eventually the trail led to their pots that were protected by gold streamers. Above the pots hung a rainbow (rainbow crepe paper/streamer), a cloud (made of batting) raining jelly beans.

Their pots had themed St. Patrick's Day socks, a shamrock topped pen, a multi-color lead pencil, a gold pencil, a yellow sucker, a bag of gold chocolate coins, 2 erasers (yellow-ish in color). It is getting a little harder to come up with yellow type of items as they get older. I keep adding to my list of items in my St. Patrick's Day post, so hopefully you can find some ideas that work for you as well.

For more Leprechaun visits/treats or for filler ideas, check out my St. Patty's Day/Leprechaun Visit post from last year.

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