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Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving Word Hunt

How many words can you make out of the word Thanksgiving? How about the word Turkey? I have some of the words we found under the puzzles.

You can print it or click on it to make larger. To Print: Right Click-Open image in new tab-Print or Ctrl-P. Or Right Click-Save/Save Image As/Save to Computer-Open the saved image-Print.


Ah     An     Ankh     As     Ash     Ask     At     Gag     Gain     Gaining    Gains     Gait     Gaits     Gash     Gat     Ghast     Gin     Gins     Gist     Giving     Gnash     Gnashing     Ha     Hag     Hang     Han     Hanging     Hangs     Hank     Has     Hat     Hats     Hi     Hint     Hinting     Hints     His     Hit     Hits     I     In     Inn     Ink     Is     It     Kin     Kings     Kings     Kit     Kits     Kith     Kiths     Knight     Knights     Knit     Knits     Nag     Nags     Nan     Nit     Sag     Saint     Sang     Sank     Sat     Shin     Si     Sign     Sin     Sing     Singing     Sink     Sit     Skating     Ski     Skiing     Skin     Skit     Stan     Tag     Tags     Tan     Tang     Tank     Tanks     Tans     Thank       Thanks     Than     Thin     Think     Thinks     Thinking     Thing     Tin     Tins     Van     Vans     Vast     Vat     Via


    Key     Re     Rye     Rey     Rue     True     Trek     Try     Tyke     Yet     Yurt

      What words did you find? (It's almost midnight as I try to finish, so I'm sure I missed a lot. Please share what you found!)

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