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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow! Did you remember to buy a gift? If not, here are a few last minute ideas to save the day.
  • Spa Gift Card
  • Flowers
  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Set up a family photo session and have the kids draw a family portrait for the gift to be opened.
  • Search online and book a weekend at a Bed and Breakfast or nice hotel. Print out the information for the B&B/hotel on decorative paper. Roll up scroll style and tie with a ribbon. For an extra special touch, tie a rose on with the ribbon.
  • A card. Don't just sign your name. Write a personal, heartfelt message. I still have some of the cards my hubby wrote me in our early years.
  • Gift card to her or his favorite store. Complete the gift with a personal card. (Make sure that they like to receive gift cards.) 
  • Call a local paint-your-own-pottery place and see if they have any last minute openings.
  • Plan a special night in. Of course, this only works if you can find someone to watch the kids. Cook dinner, eat by candlelight, massage their feet after dinner, and watch a movie. Finish with a dessert, maybe chocolates and a glass of wine, to complete the evening.
If you don't have time for a big fancy dinner,
find simple ways to make it special.
  • If the kids are sleeping or with a babysitter, draw a warm bath with candlelight and a glass of wine. Great if followed by foot massage and dinner.  :)  Of course this only works if they like baths.
  • Buy their favorite color(s) jelly beans and wrap in a Valentine's Day themed bag or box. Some stores are now carrying individual colors. If you don't have one near you, you could always buy a lot of bags and sort through them all :)
  • Try local stores for cookie or fruit bouquets. (Edible ArrangementsCookies by Design. Grocery stores/markets also usually have some specialty items for Valentine's Day.)

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