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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Word Find

It's getting closer to St. Patrick's Day! I made a St. Patrick's themed word find/word search. There are two versions of the word find: one is harder with words in ALL directions, the other is a little easier with words in Forward/Down/Diagonal directions (not reverse).

To make printing easier, I have the jpg's below and links to a pdf in Google Docs.
To Print: 
  • JPG'S:
    • Click/Right click on image. Choose Open in New Tab/Window. Click Print.
    • Or, Click on image. Right click. Choose Save Image As to save to your computer. Print saved image.
  •  Click on Google Docs link, Click Downward Arrow symbol. You can choose to Open in Adobe, Save as PDF, then Print. On a mobile device, it will open a new window and you can print from there.

 Easier Word Find:




St. Patrick's Day Word Find (Easier) 
St. Patrick's Day Word Find Answers (Easier) 
St. Patrick's Day Word Find 
St. Patrick's Day Word Find Answers 

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