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Friday, November 16, 2012

Paper Plate Turkey

My kids are still at the age where they love making crafts and showing them off on the fridge. Holidays are a perfect time to let their creativity flow, and Thanksgiving is no exception! If you have brown plates, or pre-paint the plates, this is a great way to keep the kids entertained while waiting for dinner.

For this craft you will need:
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Snack and Dinner size paper plates
  • Brow craft paint and paint brush
  • Craft glue
1. Paint the backs of the paper plates brown and let dry.
2. Glue the small plate to the top of the large plate to form the head and the body of the turkey. If the plates won't stick together well (i.e. too much gap), you can place two staples in the middle of the head and cover with the waddle and beak.
3. Cut out wattle shape from red construction paper. Glue on wattle.Cut out feet shape from yellow construction paper. Glue on feet and let dry.
4. Cut out beak shape (triangle) from yellow or orange construction paper. Glue on beak.
5. Cut out feet shape from yellow construction paper. Glue on feet and let dry. 
6. Cut out pilgrim hat shape from black construction paper. Glue onto top of head.
7. Cut out a strip or buckle shape from the yellow construction paper and glue onto brim of hat.
8. Draw on eyes or glue on googly eyes.
9. Cut out different colored feathers from construction paper, glue on and let dry.

I have some stencils below, if you would like to use them to make the turkey!

Hat buckle, beak, wattle(s), legs, hat stencils

Feather stencil

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  1. This is cute! :-) My daughter wanted to make a turkey out a toilet paper tube! I ended up tracing her hands and cutting out the paper and then letting her paint it. We'll put the hands on the back of the tube and add eyes and a beak, and who knows what else we'll throw on there! All we have left to do is put everything together now.

    I'm visiting your blog from the blog hop. :-) I know, it's Sunday, not Friday! I'm a little slow sometimes.


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