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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Stained Glass Cards

For another Valentine's Day idea, try making stained glass crayon sheets (see my Stained Glass post for directions) and cutting it into heart shapes to make a unique card. 

1. Make crayon stained glass sheets. Let cool.
2. Once the sheets are cool, use a heart cookie cutter to trace out heart shapes on the sheet. I also have a stencil below that you can use. Cut out the hearts.
3. Grab a piece of cardstock and cut a circle larger than the heart in the piece of paper. This will be the card. If needed, cut the the paper to the size card you want.
4. Hang the heart in the opening by threading a piece of clear or white string through the heart and construction paper. Tie string, but make sure the heart hangs down in the opening.
5. Write your Valentine's Day message and impress your sweetie!


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  1. Your stained glass craft is awesome. Incorporating it with your Valentine's card is even more. I wish you well with your blog. And oh, I voted for you. :)


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