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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Stained Glass

For an easy "stained glass" craft, you will need contact paper (2 pieces per stained glass), scissors, and pieces of colorful tissue paper.

1. Before removing the contact paper backing, cut out a pumpkin shape. You will need two shapes (for the front and back).
2. Cut out the same shape in construction paper. Cut out the middle portion. This will be the border that gives shape to the stained glass.
3. Remove the backing from one piece of contact paper. Lay on the table, sticky side up.
4. Lay down the construction paper border.
5. Lay down thin pieces of tissue paper.
6. Remove backing from second piece of contact paper and lay on top, sealing the tissue paper in. Trim any excess contact paper if needed.
Optional: You can omit the construction paper border.

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