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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thanksgiving Kids Table

I may be running a little behind on my Thanksgiving planning. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year and I am trying to create a kids table to help keep them busy.

I wanted something fun that they could interact with, but also wouldn't take up a ton of room in the dining area. I am going to make a coloring/activity table.
I found a fun coloring activity tablecloth at Target for $3.50. Amazon also has a similar one that comes with crayons, but it costs a bit more. If you don't like tablecloths, Target and local craft stores often have coloring place mats as well. We have used the Christmas tablecloth version almost every year with the kids, and I would definitely recommend using crayons. Colored pencils would rip the paper. I haven't tried markers yet, so I'm not sure if they would bleed through to the table.

To go with the tablecloth, I made some pilgrim hat crayon holders. They are pretty easy to make. You can make each hat the same or personalize with different colored hat bands or write their names on them. I couldn't find plain small black paper cups at the local stores, so I ended up buying some plastic ones on Amazon. They worked pretty well, but paper probably would have been easier to work with. To make the cups, flip over and cut out the bottom of the cup. Cut out a circle that is larger than the top of the cup to make the hat brim. This will also hold the crayons in the cup. Glue the hat brim to the large top of the cup. I used hot glue. Next, cut a length of ribbon or colored paper and glue around the edge of the cup and hat brim. Cut a small rectangle or square out of yellow paper and glue in the middle of the ribbon. Fill with crayons! Yes, there is a distinct lack of crayons in the picture. I couldn't find the extras I bought at back to school time. I will run out and buy more so there are plenty for everyone! :)

I'm also going to be printing my Thanksgiving Word Search, dot games, and Thanksgiving themed Mad Lib Sheets. There are a lot of free printables online! I also found small wood pumpkins at the craft store that the kids can color ($5.99 for 12 at Hobby Lobby). I'm working on making a Thanksgiving Word Scramble and Word Hunt. If I get them done in time, I'll post them.

What do you have at your Thanksgiving to keep the kids busy? Please comment and share!

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