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Monday, November 5, 2012

What In The World Is A Wattle!?

"What in the world is a wattle?", I heard as I reviewed the post for later this morning.

I cannot believe my husband asked me that question. He has two degrees and one is a Masters. He is a smart man and yet I had to explain what a wattle is. This post is for you, baby!

A wattle is the wrinkly flap of skin located on the turkey's neck under the beak. Most of the pictures I see have it in a red color. However, it can vary in color and often changes color when the turkey is upset. The turkey can also inflate the wattle to seem bigger when it is agitated or to show off to attract a mate.

Other Turkey Facts:

  • Male turkeys (toms) gobble, the females (hens) make a clicking sound.
  • The snood is the wrinkly skin that grows over the top of the turkey's beak.
  • Wild turkeys have colorful feathers, whereas domesticated turkeys tend to have white feathers.
  • Turkeys live together in groups called flocks.
  • Wild turkeys can fly. Domesticated turkeys do not.
  • Wild turkeys often sleep in trees.

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