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Monday, April 30, 2012

Rainbows Aren't Just For Rainy Days!

My son wanted to make a rainbow, like the "leprechaun" did in my St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas post. After we made the paper rainbows, we went outside to make other types of rainbows.

Here's a few ideas!
  • Fill a glass 2/3 full. I found that tall glasses worked better. Grab a white piece of paper and head outside or next to a sunny window. Tilt the glass so the sun shines through the glass onto the paper. Keep experimenting with angles until you achieve a rainbow!

  • If it is a warm sunny day, head outside and get the garden hose out. Spray a misty stream. You may need to adjust angle or position to get the rainbow to show up.
  • Use a crystal or a prism. Hold up to light to refract (bend) the light into it's separate colors. You can find prisms at local craft stores or on Amazon (here or here).
  • Look in the parking lots. Cars sometimes leak oil or other fluids (don't touch!). You can often see a rainbow in the puddle, especially in the sunlight.
  • Blow bubbles! If the sun hits the bubble right, you can see a rainbow in it!

To help remember the order of the rainbows colors, just remember the rainbow's friend ROY G. BIV:

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