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Friday, November 22, 2013

Handprint Turkeys

The boys have been after me to make more crafts with them, so we made handprint turkeys! These make a cute decoration for the fridge or a card to grandma and grandpa.
You will need:

  • Washable craft paints
  • Paper
  • Paint brush
  • Willing hands
  • Googly eye, optional

1. Paint the palm of the hand brown. DM Tip: You want a good coat of paint, but not so much that it squishes out when you press their hand on the paper.
2. Paint each finger a different color.
3. Gently press hand down on a piece of paper. DM Tip: Gently press all around the top of the hand and on each finger to help the paint transfer. It's ok if the fingers are spread out, you can add more in a little bit (#5).
4. Let the picture sit while you wash off hands.
5. Paint a finger (I found pointer to be easiest) another color and place in between existing finger "feathers". Repeat until you have the desired amount of feathers.
6. Let dry a little.
7. Use the end of the paintbrush (or a marker/pencil/crayon) and paint on an orange beak and legs.
8. Paint on a red wattle.
9. Lastly, attach a googly eye (or you can paint it on too). I used a drop of wet paint to attach the eye, but glue works really well too.
10. Let dry and enjoy!

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