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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Sky Is Falling!

Well, not really. We've been stuck inside recovering from colds, so we created and played a new game today. It was easy to clean up and the boys had lots of fun.

For this fun game you will need:
  • Construction paper. Cardstock paper, thin foam trays, or thin cardboard will also work well.
  • Scissors
  • Cups
1. Cut out star shapes from the paper/foam/cardboard.
2. Hand out a cup to each kid.
3. Toss the stars in the air and have the kids catch as many as they can! (DM Warning: My kids eventually wanted to throw the stars themselves, which in turn became a throwing the stars at each other game. However, it was easy enough to clean up and they had lots of fun.)

DM Alternative 1: As an experiment, draw a dot on one side of the shapes. Count the number of times they land dot up and down.

DM Alternative 2: Write a number on the back on the shape. Add up the points when done catching the stars and see who has the most points.

DM Tip: You can change out the star shapes for different seasons (i.e. hearts for Valentine's Day, eggs for Easter, shamrocks/pots for St. Patrick's Day, flowers for spring, leaves for fall, pumpkins/skull shapes for Halloween, trees/ornament/bell/light bulb for Christmas).


  1. That's so cool! Great Idea... your newest follower from the blog hop...

  2. Hello. I found you on the TGIF linky. I like this game and since I just woke up early to the sound of rain and thunder, this may be a good day to play. Thanks for the ideas. I followed you.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I hope it helps keep the kids busy :)


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