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Friday, January 11, 2013

Snowman Fun

So far in our snowman adventures, we have made a cotton ball snowman, a golf ball snowman, and crafts with potato stamps of snowflakes and snowmen. We also made a snowman outside! Last year the kids were really upset because we didn't get enough snow to build a "real" snowman or to go sledding. They kept looking at the snowman kit on the shelf and waiting, but the snow never came.

I personally like to make small compact snowball and then either roll it or pat additional snow on. The boys do the pat method since they usually end up squishing the snowballs. We make the bottom ball first and then add on the head. The boys hunt for sticks in the yard to use as the arms. We then add on the carrot nose (real carrot or from the kit) and the buttons for the eyes/nose/mouth/buttons. If I get really ambitious I might try making this snow dinosaur kit (although it's mostly foam pieces from what I can tell).
The pat method
Usually the snowman process ends up taking awhile because it is interrupted by snowball fights, Higgins mowing the grass in the snow, or Bernardo making snow angels. The boys love the snow, partly because we drink hot chocolate when we come inside and get changed into warm dry clothes.

Do you make snowmen or other snow creatures? Do you have any tricks or tips to share? Post in the Comments!

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