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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

I can remember my Dad bringing Mom flowers for Valentine's Day. My Mom and Dad would also get us something, usually a card and a box of chocolates. It made us feel special and part of the Valentine's Day celebration.

Here are some gift ideas to help let them know they are loved and to feel special on Valentine's Day:

    • FOOD:
      • Have a cookie bouquet sent just to them! My husband sent one of these to me and the boys one year and we loved it! We've used Cookies By Design  before and have success with the cookies and delivery. Another online cookie delivery service is Cheryls.com, which has some really cute Valentine's Day ideas.
      • For a slightly healthier option, try a fruit bouquet. My kids love chocolate covered fruit, so I think this would be a big hit. We've used Edible Arrangements before.
      • For something easy, make heart shaped pancakes for dinner. Optional: add red food coloring, chocolate chips or M&M's. Top with whipped cream for an awesome kid's Valentine's Day dinner.
      • Make a heart shaped pizza for dinner. You can make a large heart pizza for the whole family or individual pizzas and let the kids decorate their own!
      • For a really easy dessert, try ice cream sandwiches! Roll the edges of the ice cream sandwiches in pink, red, or other Valentine's Day themed sprinkles. Wrap a strip of wax paper around and tie with a bow.
      • Fun gummy shaped valentine: a lb. gummy bear, life sized gummy game controller, or for the gross factor, a gummy heart (actual heart shaped) (looks like Amazon may not carry it, but you could make your own with a mold). (Link is to Amazon, but I did find the controller for $8 at Target last year.)

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