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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's Time to Boo!

You've Been Boo'd!
Halloween is one of my family's favorite holidays and the kids have already asked when we are making and delivering the Boo Bags. 

We started our Boo tradition a several years ago and brought it with us to our new neighborhood. We make a make a treat bag and secretly deliver it to our friends, family, and neighbors. My kids love helping put the bags together and delivering them. Sometimes we don't get Boo'd back, but it helps teach the boys to do nice things for other people without expecting anything in return.
Each year the treats and the bags are a little different, depending on what we find at the store. We've used brown paper lunch bags, plastic pumpkin pails, Halloween themed bags, etc. Below are some ideas! (These are links to Amazon*, but you can also find a lot at dollar stores, Target, etc.) These are also great ideas for school goodie bags, Halloween Party prizes, and for Teal Pumpkin Project (minus the candy!).
Past example of boo goodies
Delivering the Boo bags

Here's the boo poem I usually include with the Boo Bags I give out. If it's hard to print from here, I included two websites that have printable boo poems/instructions.

*DISCLOSURE NOTE: Above links to Amazon are part of the affiliate program and I may receive a small commission in the case of a purchase. It does not affect your cost at all! Thank you for supporting the blog! For more information, please see the Disclosures page on my blog.

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