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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Quick Halloween Wreath


You will need:
  • Ping pong ball eyes or googly eyes
    • Ping Pong Ball Eyes Directions: 
      • Draw pupils on ping pong balls. Let dry.
  • Halloween themed items (pumpkins, ghosts, etc.). I used small foam pumpkins/gourds, Halloween finger puppets, spider and skull rings, plastic bats and spiders.
  • Wreath (grapevine, foam)
  • Hot glue

I found a lot of the decorating items in the stores toy sections for Halloween. I also add on a few fake fall leaves as filler and extra color. I love making these types of wreaths because they are quick and I can add as many items as I want. I like being able to design my own wreath. This one has lasted for a few years now, so it may be time to add on to it or make a new one.

It is really easy to make the wreath. Simply hot glue the decorations around the top and sides of the wreath. I like to lay my wreath flat on the table as I work, so I can make sure no decorations will be hanging too far towards the back and upset how the wreath hangs on the door. I added in leaves as well, but you could also add in bows or flowers (black, purple, or other Halloween colors). If you have a foam wreath, you could wrap in Halloween themed ribbon and then add on your decorations. I found it helpful to make sure I know where the top of the wreath will be so I can leave space for the hanger. If you use the wreath hooks that hook in the back and do not cover the front of the wreath, you do not have to worry as much.

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