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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Eyeball Wreath

This is a really easy Halloween decoration. I made this one pretty quick, so I will probably go back and add on more eyes, so it is completely covered. The great thing is, you can adjust how many eyes you want to fit your preference!

You will need:
  • White ping pong balls
  • Sharpies or permanent markers (at least a black and a red)
  • Plain wreath (grapevine, foam) (Amazon carries grapevine and foam wreaths, as do most craft stores)
  • Hot glue

  1. Draw pupils on the ping pong balls. I did a few different kinds (reptile pupil, blue/green/black/red pupil, with and with out veins...).
  2. Let the ink dry.
  3. Glue eyes onto the wreath and let set.
  4. Hang and enjoy!

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