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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Eye Spy Some Fun For Halloween

You will need:

Draw on pupils (black or another color) and veins (red). I made a few of these in different varieties (black/blue/green/red/reptile pupils, with and without veins, an all red eye with green pupil). They have a lot of uses!

1. Make a wreath. (I have a Halloween themed wreath and an eyeball wreath posting soon!)
2. I filled a glass skull and crossbones jar. (Amazon has several Halloween themed glass storage jars.)
3. Place around the house (in soap containers, in potted plants, etc.)

  1. Place eyeballs in a large container. Have most of the pupils black. Color a few blue, green, red, etc.
    1. Game Idea #1: Color eyeballs get a prize. Have mostly black pupils, with a few colorful eyes thrown in.
    2. Game Idea #2: Have multiple prize levels. Assign different prizes to different color eyes (green eyes win this prize, red wins from these prizes, blue wins this prize).
  2. Mix the eyeballs in with the Halloween candy to hand out. Make kids dig through the eye balls to get to their piece of candy.

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