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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gourd Lighting

If you are having dinner guests over, or just want to set the mood for a nice meal, these are a really easy candle centerpiece.

You will need:
  • Tea lights or small votive candle(s)
  • Small pumpkins or gourds
  • Hurricane globe(s)
  • Paper clips and wire cutter. (Floral U-pins or T-Pins might work too.)
1. Trim the stem off the pumpkin/gourd. You want it pretty flat so the tea light/candle
    sits flat. Be careful not to cut yourself (like I did) when you cut off the stem!
2. Place the tea light on the pumpkin/gourd. Cover with globe.
3. If the globe is not stable, you can use the paper clips to secure. Cut the paper
    clips in half (each half should have a loop and two prongs). Bend the paperclips
    near the loop. When you insert the prongs into the pumpkin, the bent loop should
    rest firmly against the globe.

4. Light and enjoy!

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