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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Veggie Tray: Part II

Here is Part II of my Veggie Tray posts! In the first Veggie Trays post, I had a few tips and ideas. This time I wanted to do it a little differently.

Veggie trays aren't just for parties! When the boys were complaining they were hungry while I was making dinner, I didn't want them filling up on junk food. I made a veggie and fruit tray (pictured above). Serving dip in a pepper 'tulip' was a big hit. I cut triangle pieces out around the rim of the pepper, filled with ranch dressing for dipping, and then added a cherry tomato in the center. I added on tomato slices, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, cucumber slices, baby carrots, and slices of green pepper. Instead of serving as an appetizer, you could serve this at lunch or at dinner. I found that serving vegetables in a different way can make kids more open to eating them! :)


  1. Brilliant...i don't know why i always think they need to be for parties or having people over for dinner??? The kids totally eat them like crazed animals when i make them! You inspired me to start this:)

    1. Thank you! Your nice comments made my day :) I'm glad you enjoyed post!


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