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Monday, October 22, 2012

Scare Up Some Cookies!

We had a friend over for a cookie making play date. To protect my table, and to make it more festive, I decorated the table. I found a purple tablecloth at the dollar store and covered the table. I placed the haunted gingerbread house at one end.

I had Halloween confetti I scattered around the table and placed some snacks around too. The snacks were pumpkin shaped Oreo type of cookies from Trader Joe's, apple cider, and some fruit and vegetables. I had some Halloween pumpkin sticker sheets and placed those around too. (You can get the sheets online at Amazon here or here.)

Pretzels, carrot sticks, yellow peppers, kiwi slices with
candy buttons for eyes.

The morning of the play date, I baked the cookies so they had time to cool. I used a few different cookie cutters, including the Wilton Monster Cookie Cutter Set. Once they were cooled, I placed a variety of the shapes on individual plates for the kids. I then put out different colors of icing, different shapes and colors of sprinkles, and candy eyes. We used cookie icing (Betty Crocker and Wilton). The boys put on their own icing (I had plastic knives for them to spread it around the cookies) and sprinkles. I think their hands had just as much icing on them as the cookies at the end, but they all had fun!

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