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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper: Warp Corp Breach

Have any of you been to the Hilton in Las Vegas and visited the Star Trek restaurant? It's closed now, but it will live on in my memory for one reason, and one reason only. I was there years ago and they had this drink called the Warp Corp Breach. It was awesome. You could get an individual drink or a fishbowl to share. Yes, I said fishbowl. You will not be driving after drinking this, but it's super delicious and a fun thing to have at a party. I thought we could use a grown up post today, so I'm passing on the recipe. This is pretty close to what I remember the drink tasting like. It also uses dry ice, so it would be great at a Halloween party or even New Year's.

You will need:
6 parts Bacardi Superior (or white clear rum)
4 parts Bacardi Limon (or any lemon flavored rum)
2 parts Bacardi Spice (or spiced rum)
2 parts Bacardi Select (or dark rum)
2 parts DeKryper Lucious Raspberry Rush
1 part Bacardi 151 (or any 151 proof rum)
30 oz Sobe Power Fruit Punch (or equal parts cranberry juice, orange juice, and pineapple juice)
Food Grade Dry Ice (often found at grocery stores or party stores)

1. Mix alcohol together.
2. Pour 10 oz into a serving bowl.
3. Add 30 oz of Sobe Power (or juices listed above).
4. Add a chunk of the dry ice.

HINT: If you are serving in individual cups, mix drink together and then pour into glasses. Break off small pieces of the dry ice and drop into each glass.

CAUTION: Wear gloves when handling dry ice. It will burn your hands!

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