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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Pirate Chest Trick Or Treat Bag

Last year the oldest when as a Zombie Pirate. We had a lot of the costume items from past Halloweens. Hubby helped make him a Pirate Chest trick or treat bag.

We used an old pillowcase, an empty shoe box, some plastic gold bars and coins, hot glue/gun, and a piece of plywood. 

Hubby cut a piece of plywood to match the size of the shoe box. He then cut a hole in the center of the box and the wood. The plywood was the bottom layer to add support, the pillowcase was threaded through the hole in the plywood with it's edges laying flat on top, and then the shoe box was on top. He attached them all together using glue and a staple gun.

The shoe box had been black to start with, so we just grabbed some brown paint and a foam paint brush to roughly paint it brown. We left it with streaks to look like wood grain. Once the paint was dry, we hot glued on plastic gold bars and pirate coins inside the box/chest.We kept the hole open for the candy to go through. 

Because he was a zombie pirate, and zombies do not talk much, he painted on Trick Or Treat on the top of the box to show at each stop, and then Thank You! on the inside lid for when he got the candy. It seemed to be a hit with the neighbors. 

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