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Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Drink Is Staring At Me!

I found a pack of gummy eyeballs at the store and wanted to do something with them. I had frozen raisins in ice cubes to make ants or spiders, and wanted to try the same thing with the eyeballs. I filled the ice cube trays and added in the gummy eyeballs. I froze it overnight and then at lunch gave the boys a drink with the eyeballs in them! At first they just had water, but them I gave them fruit punch, which gave it a creepier look. They melted faster than a regular icecube, so I wouldn't add them to the drink until you are ready to serve them. The kids had a blast with these.

DM TIP: If the eyeballs keep floating to the top, fill about halfway, add eyeball and freeze. Once it is frozen, fill the rest of the way and freeze again.

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