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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or Treat: Halloween Safety

Halloween is just around the corner! I can't wait and neither can the kids. They are getting so excited. I put together a safety list for adults and kids.
  • Flashlights. Where we live, it will be dark half way through trick or treating. We also live on a busy road, so flashlights are a must.
  • Glow sticks. We also attach a glow stick to the kids Halloween bags/pails. They don't always turn the flashlights on, but the glow sticks will keep glowing. They also also get a kick out of wearing the glow bracelets or necklaces. One year they went as pirates and had glow stick swords. The glow sticks are also a good back-up in case the flashlight breaks or the batteries die.
  • Test make-up a few days before Halloween. If you child has sensitive skin, you may want to test any make-up on a small patch of skin. Nothing ruins trick or treating like an allergic reaction or a rash.
  • Walk facing traffic so you can see cars coming. Look both ways when crossing the street. Try to walk on sidewalks, or at least a couple of feet from the side of the road.
  • Dress appropriately. We've had anywhere from summer-like weather to snow on Halloween. Make sure your kids are dressed for the weather! Also make sure your children can see through their costume if they have anything on their faces or heads. Check the length of their costumes to make sure they can't trip over the hem.
  • Examine all candy before eating. Look for open packaging, tears, or holes. Several years ago there was a needle and razor blade scare, so there are some doctors offices and hospitals that will X-ray candy. If it's not in wrapper, don't eat it. This goes for fruit too (I've never gotten an apple before, but it could happen).
  • If your kids are walking with their friends, make sure to remind them to stay in a group and to never enter a stranger's home or car/van/truck/bus! (If they want to walk in another neighborhood, you can always do a sex offenders search of the area.) If they don't have their own cell phones yet, give them yours with your home number on speed dial (let them know it is for emergencies only). Make sure they know how to dial 911.
  • Add a name tag with your phone number to the inside of your child's costume or bag. You don't want it to be too visible to random strangers, but available if your child needs it.
  • Don't walk close to lit candles or fire pits--not all costumes are flame resistant.
  • Only trick or treat at houses that have lights on.
  • If you live in a neighborhood that gives out lots of treats, try sending your child with a backpack to help carry their stash in. That way, it will be easier for them to carry.
  • Have kids, especially younger ones, go to the bathroom before they leave to go trick or treating. Costumes that are easy to make bathroom trips in are a huge plus. There's nothing quite like a just-potty-trained little mummy squirming while you unwrap him!
  • If you are driving, drive slowly! Kids don't always look and can dart out in front of you!
  • Keep your pets indoors. This is for several reasons:
    • Some people are just mean on Halloween and you don't want your pet to get hurt.
    • Some animals may be frightened or get protective or aggressive with different costumes. (Personally, my dog sleeps through it all. I think she is trying to avoid her pumpkin hat I try to make her wear.)
    • There are some children who are afraid of animals.
  • Say Thank You after getting a treat!
  • Avoid stomach aches!
    • Eat before trick or treating! That way you won't be as tempted to eat the candy along the way.
    • Don't let the kids keep their haul in their room(s).
    • Keep the candy put away where there won't be easy, unsupervised grazing.

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