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Friday, October 5, 2012

Monster Apples

To scare up these monster apple, you will need:
  • Green apples (such as Granny Smith).  Each apple makes 2 monsters.
  • Peanut butter
  • Almond slivers or peanut halves. 

1. Cut the apple into 4 wedges. Set 2 wedges aside.
2. On the edge of each apple wedge, cut out
    triangle shapes (like teeth).
3. Smooth on a layer of peanut butter on
    each apple slice, working it into the cut
4. Place the two pieces together.
5. “Glue” on raisins for eyes with peanut
6. Place almond slivers for teeth. If using
    peanuts, cut peanut halves in half.

You could also use mini marshmallows as the teeth!


  1. I love these!!! Great ideas on here. Thanks fir stopping by my blog in the hop. :) I m still trying to figure all this out. Love your blog.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you like the posts :)


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