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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Pots

Need an easy Halloween decoration? Try these cute pumpkin pots!

You will need:

1. Paint pots and let dry.
2. Draw or paint on lines onto the pumpkin.

Option 1:
1. Paint inside of pot. Make sure paint is non-toxic. Let dry.
2. Draw or paint on a jack o'lantern face.
3. Fill pot with candy! (If you want, line pumpkin with an orange napkin before filling.)

Option 2:
1. Fold pipe cleaner over to make stem.
2. Cut out leaves from foam sheets.
3. I used a hole punch and punched a hole at the bottom of each leaf. I then inserted
    the pipe cleaners and folded over to make a stem. I left the ends out to create

4. Turn pot upside down so the small hole in base shows.
5. I folded my stem so that I had two small loops to fit inside the hole and then folded
   them over to keep the stem in place. You could also glue the stem and leaves to
   the pot.

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