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Friday, December 14, 2018

Ho, Ho, Ho! It's Christmas Time!

Oh my gosh! Christmas is in a week and a half! I'm sorry I have been absent and haven't posted much for Christmas. It's been a little crazy around here with school and life in general. The dog had a double ear infection and an allergic reaction in her eyes to something (still no idea what it was), car maintenance (both cars' brakes and a battery), and then Bernardo had to have his appendix out. I am trying to catch up, but I am running behind on blog posts, gifts/gift wrapping, and baking cookies for the neighbors/work/family. Below are my Christmas ideas for food/drinks, crafts/activities, and gifts. The majority of this post will be from previous years, but if I get caught up and have more ideas, I will update the list.

I hope the Holiday season finds you all happy and well!



ELF: Here is the link to my elf post. I update it when I get new ideas.

  • St. Nick's Day was 12/6, but there are a lot of stocking stuffer ideas that will work great for Christmas!
  • You've Been Elf'd. Spread a little holiday cheer to your friends and neighbors. We also made and delivered cookies to our neighbors a few days before Christmas last year. They seemed to be a big hit! :)



         MEAL ITEMS:



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