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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pretty Water

When we have people over, we try to always have a pitcher of ice water at the table. Water is something everyone can drink from toddlers to great grandmothers. In our house, the kids are usually limited to water or milk. Juice is for special occasions. We recently went to a hotel that had naturally flavored water in the lobby. They used watermelon and honeydew to flavor the water. The watermelon water was a big hit with my kids; not so much with the honeydew.

I decided to try making a fruit flavored water at home! My first attempt was simply blackberries. I learned you need to cut the blackberries up, or they don't release much flavor into the water. Next, I tried adding orange, strawberry, and watermelon to the blackberries to create a fruit punch type of water. It did get a fruit flavor, although the watermelon overpowered the other fruits. The kids still loved it though.

Fruit flavored water

To add a little extra pizzazz to your drinks, try cutting lemons into a fun garnish. I used the tip of my carrot/potato peeler, but there is probably an easier tool out there.

To make the lemon flowers:

1. Wash the lemons.

2. Peel lines lengthwise down the lemon.
3. Cut lemon into thin slices and place in water. You could also cut a slit on one side of the lemon and place on the glass as a garnish.

My waters

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