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Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Snowing...Paper Snowflakes!

Today is Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day and National Fruitcake Day. Since we're bigger fans of snowflakes, we're going to make snowflakes today. Higgins is just starting to use scissors and is super excited to use his new ones.

Here are some instructions on how to make a snowflake. Trust me, I tried lots of different ways and this one worked.
1. Get a square piece of paper. DM Tip: The thinner the paper, the easier it is to cut.
2. Fold over to make a triangle.
3. Fold over again to make a smaller triangle.
4. Place the triangle, point facing you, down on a solid surface. You are going to fold it in thirds.
5. Take the right side and fold over towards the middle, keeping the point intact.
6. Fold the left side over, keeping the point intact.
7. You want the edges to line up evenly, so refold if necessary. It should resemble an arrow.
8. Next, cut off the arrow "tips", so you are left with a tall triangle.
9. Cut out various shapes around the edges, but make sure you leave enough of the sides intact so the snowflake stays in one piece. The bottom of the triangle will become the outer edges of the snowflake, the triangles point will be the center.
Successful snowflakes on the left.
Several unsuccessful  attempts on
the right. Make sure you leave some
of the edges intact :)

10. Unfold carefully!

DM Tips: To make the snowflake lay flat, place under a heavy book. You could also place between two pieces of wax paper and iron for a few seconds.

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