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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy Christmas Luminaries

Do you need an easy Christmas decoration? Try making luminaries! (You probably have everything you need to make them already.) For these super easy to make luminaries, you will need:
  • A glass jar. (DM Tip: I used a spaghetti jar. Make sure you wash the jar out and remove the labels.)
  • Thumb tack/push pin
  • Aluminium foil
  • Cardboard
1. Cut a piece of foil to your desired height and length. I liked a little of the jar showing at the top and bottom, so I cut a smaller piece of foil.
2. Lay the foil on the piece of cardboard. Try not to wrinkle the foil.
3. Use your push pin to create the design. I have a few stencils below if you need ideas.
4. Carefully peel the foil off of the cardboard.
5. Place around the jar and tape at the back.
6. Insert tea candle or votive candle, light, and enjoy!

NOTE: The glass jars can get hot, so keep away from little hands!
DM Tip: LED candles make this a safer decoration.


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  1. I spent a weekend with my niece and nephew and they are both the messiest kids ever. Anyway my sister and brother-in-law went away and left me with them. I went on google to look for some stencils we could use to make a mixed media christmas picture and I found this website. We spent about 2 hours making 5 of these each and they are now going to be mum and dads christmas presents. Thankyou for the brilliant fun time filler!!! :)


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