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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Celebration Alternatives

We've gotten to the point where Christmas is more about the kids. We have multiple Christmas parties: 3 on my husbands side (1 adults only on his Dad's side, 1 family party on his Mom's side, and the family party with his parents and sister/family) and 1 with my family. Since we're all grown ups now, we talked about cutting back on what we spend on the adults. We also talked about coming up with something that would create memories for the kids, instead of the usual gathering and gift exchange. The adults wouldn't get a gift. Instead the money would go towards the event.

We tried brainstorming and here are some of the ideas we thought of:

  • Waterpark hotel for a night
  • Sleigh ride
  • Nutcracker ballet
  • Secret Santa for the adults
  • Dinner in a gingerbread house 
  • Breakfast/Dinner with Santa
  • Snow tubing, skiing or snowboarding (the skiing will have to wait until the kids are older)
  • A really ambitious idea is to go on a cruise
  • Cookie party
  • Help at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen
  • The zoo. Our zoo is open year round. They put up Christmas lights and have multiple areas/rooms for rent within the zoo. You can also have food catered there as well.
  • Game night. Everyone brings a small gift and the winner of each game gets to pick a present. This is the one we went with this year!

What do you do to celebrate Christmas? Do you do the traditional sit around the tree and exchange gifts or do you do something else?

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