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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You've Been Elfed

We Boo our neighbors at Halloween to share the fun of the holiday. I decided to do the same at Christmas by sharing the Christmas spirit with neighbors, friends, and family by Elfing them! It's another great opportunity to teach my kids to do nice things for others without expecting anything in return. (You may or may not get Elf'd or Boo'd back.)
This year's fillers
Here are some idea for fillers:
  • Themed pencils* and erasers (The dollar store usually carries themed pencils and erasers. You can usually get a pack of 12 for $1.)
  • Ornament(s). This year I placed a snowflake ornament and a pickle ornament* in the bags. I had never heard of the pickle tradition until one of my husband's relatives gave us one.
  • Candy.
  • Games. I found some little Christmas and winter themed mazes and Tic Tac Toe games. There are plenty of card games and other small games and activities available too. DM Tip: Check your local dollar stores and craft/grocery store dollar bins for little toys/games!
  • Holiday themed stickers*.
  • Holiday themes coloring books and/or crayons/markers.
  • Cookies (If it is for neighbors you do not know very well, you might want to opt for prepackaged cookies from a local bakery instead of homemade. People can be hesitant to eat food if they don't know where it came from.)
  • Cookie cutters*.
  • Starter snowman kit (carrot, black buttons or plastic coal pieces). They sell snowman kits*, but it would be easy to create one on your own.
  • Bag of reindeer food (oats, carrots). Make sure you label the bag (so no one else eats it)!

You can find the printable pages at  http://www.cafetraditions.com/You-Have-Been-Elfed-P39C10.aspx or

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