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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

It's Going To Be A Long 3+ Weeks

All (in-person) schools have been shut down in our state, starting this week, for three weeks (at least for now, although they implied it might go longer). We are doing home based schooling with online materials and worksheets provided by school. It's been a challenging couple of days trying to get the kids on a schedule and working on school work. Since they are home, they see it more as a break from school instead of home schooling. Eventually we will get into a good routine.

They may also be going a little stir crazy since we have been not going out with them since Friday to maintain social distancing and kids are super germ carriers. Yesterday we at least got to take a bike ride/walk when we took the dog out. There was no one else out. Today it is raining, so I need to find some physical activity for them to do indoors (maybe pushups and jogging in place?).

I'm making a list below of some ideas to help keep the kids busy. If you have any other ideas or links, please let me know in the Comments and I'll add to this!

I hope you all stay safe and healthy.

BAKING: My kids love helping in the kitchen, although it's mostly the taste testing part. I have lots of recipes on here that can help make something delicious and use up time in the day!

YOU TUBE ART VIDEOS: (My youngest loves to draw and we found these the other day.)
MOVIES: Movie theaters are also closed near us, but Universal is going to have some in-theater movies available for rent during this time. Here is a link to the article on CNBC.

SCHOOLING AT HOME: Many places are offering free videos or online options during school shut downs. I'm sure you have seen some of these before, and if you have any new ones, please let me know in the comments and I'll add them!
LOOK AT THE CLOUDS. I know we used to do this as kids, but I don't see as many kids doing it anymore. Find shapes, make stories about the clouds!

CRAFTS: I have a lot of craft ideas on here. Many have supplies you probably already have at home. Here are just a few:

Update: I will be gathering old posts in themed groups and will be posting under a At Home Activities series. I hope this will help while everyone is at home.

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