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Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Day Is For The Dogs!

Today is National Dog Day! Celebrate by taking your dog for a walk or playing a game of fetch.

I grew up having a dog and I wanted to have my kids grow up having a dog too. When I was a kid, I had friends who were afraid of dogs because they didn't have much exposure to them. I think a dog is a wonderful family addition: you can play with them, they provide companionship, they provide security, and they can teach responsibility.
Higgins wanted to feed the dog. Apparently, she was very hungry!
My husband surprised me after our first year of marriage by taking me to local shelters to find our first dog together. She is a mutt and is the most patient and good natured dog we could have asked for. We both favor medium to larger sized dogs, so we now have a 60 pound lap dog. She is great with our boys and their antics. She puts up with a lot. The only downfall is that she is so lazy she sometimes doesn't want to go get the ball or stick they throw for her. She doesn't bark much, except when protecting us or the house.
Bernardo "playing cars" with our dog.
Higgins using the dog as a step stool  to get on the couch.

Halloween time
The boys love the dog. When we went on vacation, my parents watched her for us. Higgins cried when they picked her up. They lay on the floor together and watch TV, they love to give her snacks and pats on the head. I think she tolerates them (after all she was an only child for a few years), but they adore her.

In honor of Dog Day, I have some links to dog breed sites and dog products, along with a dog themed Word Find!

Animal Planet

Fun Dog Products:
Dog House (We have an inside dog, but if I were to get her a house it would be this one.)
Toys: Kong WobblerNylaboneStuffed Toys

Now for the Word Find! (You can print it or click on it to make larger.)


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