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Thursday, March 26, 2020

At Home Activities Series (Butterflies, Flowers, Dinos In This Post)

I don't know about you, but keeping the kids occupied is getting challenging. I think we're wearing the dog out with our walks/bike rides. One of the mom's from school posted on Facebook about a great gym teacher's YouTube videos for daily PE. The kids are getting a big kick out of him. Luckily, for me, the past couple of days have also been warm and dry, so they are getting to play in the backyard.

Every day, we do school work, typing practice, some sort of exercise. For fun, I've been playing Minecraft and hubby has been roped into playing Mario a few times. Higgins guitar lessons are now on Zoom. It looks like school may also be doing some lessons on Zoom in the future, which I think will be good to reinforce that this is just like school, only at home.

We've made a loaf of sandwich bread, 2 sourdough loaves, 2 banana bread loaves, and there is a request to make brownies tonight. Higgins is also drawing some cartoons, so the creative/making side is also being taken care of.

Unfortunately, tonight is supposed to bring rain for the next couple of days. I am so glad we have the option of the entertaining Coach Wood PE videos. We will probably bake something as well, or have them help with dinner. They seem to be wanting to help more in the kitchen lately. Bernardo made dinner by himself earlier in the week!

In case you too have rain coming and will be stuck indoors (even more than usual with the Shelter/Stay In Place), I am trying to pull together some of my previous craft/food/activity ideas to make into themed posts to share. I have been posting on Facebook and Twitter, but will start posting here as well in case you are not on social media. I am trying to keep the crafts to things you may already have at home!

It's a lot warmer today and sunny! The butterflies will be coming soon (I hope)! Here are a few of my previous butterfly food and craft posts.

My daffodils are up and they are such a cheery sight. So far they are my only flowers blooming. If you want/need some flowers to brighten your day, I have some easy to make craft ones!


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