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Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Time Fun

Summer is in full swing at our house and between the seemingly endless rain, we have managed to get in some outdoor fun, swimming, and a half day camp.
  • Summer reading programs! I loved these as a kid and they help encourage Higgins to read. He is not my reader, but we are working to develop a love for it.
    • Half Priced Books. Read 300 minutes in June, turn in your reading log and get an in-store voucher. You can do it again in July!
    • Local library. Many local libraries offer a summer reading program with prizes as well. My boys love earning their free ice cream cone at the local whippy dip.
    • Barnes & Nobles. Read 8 books and get to pick out a free book from their prize selection.
    • Banks, movie theaters, etc. Some other companies offer summer reading programs as well.

  • Summer Scavenger Hunt  
  • Fairs & Festivals 
  • Playgrounds. We make it an adventure and try to find a few new playgrounds in the summer. It's been fun to see what different playgrounds offer. I get bonus points from the boys if there is a picnic lunch involved too.


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