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Monday, July 29, 2013

Why I Love Glow Sticks, Let Me Count The Ways

I love glow sticks and bracelets/necklaces. They seem like such a simple little thing, but they have a ton of uses! I try to always have some on hand because I can pull them out when the kids are going stir crazy and come up with something fun. Here are just a few of my ideas:
  • Glow Stick Ring Toss. There are lots of ways to make a Glow in the Dark ring toss:
    • Use a normal ring toss stick and use the glow necklaces or bracelets as the rings.
    • Place a glow stick in a water bottle to create the stick and use glow necklaces or bracelets as the rings. DM Tip: I found it helped to have about 2 inches at the bottom of the bottom to help keep the bottle from tipping over.

  • Bath time fun. These would also be great to bounce around the house or outside.

  • Tent line marker when camping. We always attach a glow stick to the end of the tent line where it is attached to the ground. It helps a lot once the sun goes down. Kids tend to run around the campsite and I am a klutz, so marking the tent lines helps keep us out of trouble.

  • Add fun to drinks! You will need a colored cup, a clear cup, and a glow bracelet for each person. Place the glow bracelet in the bottom of the solid cup. Next, place the clear cup on top. Fill with ice and drink and watch their faces as the lights go out!

  • Hide and Seek. Hide glow sticks in your yard (or in house if it is a cold or wet night) and have the kids find them. Alternatively, you could also hide only 1 stick and whoever finds it first gets to hide it again.

  • Nightlight. If the power goes out, these are great to put on the kids and help them feel not as scared.

  • Glow Stick Cotton Candy. You could use a LED stick (battery side far away from biting zone), so it is nontoxic for smaller kids who might bite the stick. (Do NOT bite the glow stick!)
What are your favorite uses for glow sticks?

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