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Monday, July 22, 2013

Glowing Cotton Candy

Ok, so the cotton candy doesn't really glow. However, the stick does! We had a rainy day and I was trying to keep the kids occupied. I had straws, glow sticks, and cotton candy in a bag. Glowing Cotton Candy was born! DM Tip: My kids are old enough not to bite hard into the straw/glow stick, but this might not be good for younger kids to have.

You will need:
 1. Bend the glow sticks to get them to glow.
 2. Insert into the end of the straw. To keep the glow sticks in place, you can put a small piece of tape at one end of the straw.
 3. On the non-tape end, place the cotton candy on top of the straw and wrap or smooth the bottom of the candy to the stick. This step took me a little practice, but it can be done!
4. Enjoy! But make sure not to bite into the glow stick! (Not all glow sticks are non-toxic.)

DM Tip: I used straws that were longer than the glow sticks. That way when the kids held the sticks, the glow stick was at the bottom of the straw and there was less chance of them biting into the glow stick accidently.

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