Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Weekly Review

Hope you guys are all doing well and had a good week! In case you missed any of the posts this week, here is The Weekly Review:

Valentine's Day Candied Popcorn: If you need an easy Valentine's Day snack for home, school party, or to attach to Valentine's, this is a great option.

Valentine's Day Bingo: Just print out the cards, cut out the calling cards, grab some pennies for markers, and play!

Valentine's Day Stained Glass Cards: A fun new type of Valentine's Day card.

Parent Interviews: Heather: A new Parent Interview post! If you would like to take part in the Parent Interview series, please email me at

Footprints On My Heart, A Craft for Valentine's Day: Easy footprint heart craft for Valentine's Day! These make great keepsakes in baby albums or cards for grandparents.

Valentine's Day Coloring Page: Here's a heart coloring page to help keep the kids busy...well for a minute or so...

Identify This: Part 49

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