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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back To School: Stocking the Backpack

I cannot believe school is back in session! Higgins still has a week or so until he starts, so I'm not quite empty during the mornings yet. We have all our school supplies ready and the backpacks are stocked.

I tend to be a worrier, especially about the kids. Last year, I started stocking Bernardo's backpack with an emergency kit. Why do I have the kit in his bag? Each year I see schools delayed for weather, buses broken down with kids still in them, and images from the news of buses in accidents and other school problems. I decided my kids should have something in their bags in case they got stuck on the bus or at school.
What's in the kit? It's not a big kit, it fits in a plastic pencil case. There is also a small bottle of water in a Ziploc bag in the same pocket of his backpack, but of course it was too big for the pencil case. I try to keep a variety of things in the kit:
  • Band-aides
  • Finger flashlight
  • $1.75 in quarters for pay phones. There are still a few around and my kids are too young to have a cell phone yet.
  • Picture phone list (it could just be a regular phone list for older kids)
  • Pen
  • A few pieces of paper
  • A little bag of nuts (you can buy small bags at the store, or ask for extra nuts when you get a sundae at McD's)
  • Granola bar
  • A couple of suckers/lollipops
  • Piece of candy
It's not a lot, but I feel better that if there was an ice storm/tornado/emergency, that there would be something to hold him over for a little bit until I could get to him.

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