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Monday, April 29, 2013

I Had Lunch With A Superhero!

After growing up with a sister, having two boys was a slight adjustment. I never thought I would play a lot of superheroes, cars, dinosaurs, or have quite so many toy battles. Having boys, I miss out on some things like tea parties. Last summer I managed to convince the boys to have a tea party with me, but I think it only worked because we made cookie necklaces.

We still have have picnics and have fun lunches together...just boy style. The other day, Higgins wanted to have a picnic and started setting things up while I was working on the computer. Once the selections were set out, Higgins prepared and cut up his plastic food. Which sounds right....only instead of using the play knife that comes with the food set, he used a sword. After most of the food prep was finished, he got dressed for the occasion...as a super hero! He finished the final touches by making juice (once again with his sword). Super Higgins and I ate some delicious eggplant and carrot soup with a side of lemon squeezed toast. The meal concluded with a delicate yogurt sprinkled with lemon juice and pepper slices. Yum! (We may have to work on his food pairings.)
I'm not a big girly-girl or a tomboy. I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I have to say though, I'll take playing Super Higgins, or knights (the boys) and princess (my role) over Barbies any day. They are growing up so fast. Even when they're fighting over a toy, I need to remind myself that pretty soon they won't want to play Lego's or pretend they are knights. Soon enough they're going to be driving and will actually like girls. Gah!

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