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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Weekly Review

I can't believe that it's Sunday already. I have no idea where the weekend went to! In case you missed any posts this week, here are the posts:

Easy St. Patrick's Day Craft (and Decoration): A paper chain rainbow craft.

Sick Days: A Word Find

Frozen Food Day/St. Patrick's Day Shake: The shamrock color inspired shake is towards the bottom of the National Frozen Food Day post.

Tap, Tap, Tapping On The Trees: We went to a tree taping to see how they make Maple Syrup!

Identify This: Part 52

Ice Cream Tower. Another one of my husband's crazy dessert concoctions for the boys!

Shepherd's Pie. This makes a really easy dinner for St. Patrick's Day or for any other day of the year.

Identify This: Part 53

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