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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Weekly Review

Valentine's Day I Heart You Crayon Cards
Higgins picked out his Valentines already. It's his first year giving them out and he is really excited. We made heart crayons, attached them to decorative paper, added on a message and put them in an envelope. After we made the crayons he decided he wanted pencils too, so we taped pencils to the front of the envelopes.

Play-Doh Valentine's Day Hearts
Bernardo and I made hearts out of Play-Doh and let them dry. These make a great decoration or easy gift idea.

Are Snowflakes Really All Different?
I had always heard every snowflake is unique, but had never really looked at them. The boys and I put out pieces of black paper and used a magnifying glass to look at the snowflakes as they fell on the paper.

Egg Topped Cupcakes: It's Backwards Day!
Thursday (1/31) was Backwards Day. To get an extra giggle out the of kids, I made egg topped cupcakes! Don't worry...the eggs were made out of candy.

What Does Ice Cream Have To Do With Snow?
We finally got enough snow to make snow cream (ice cream made out of snow). The boys loved it. Have you made food out of snow before?

Icy Puzzle
My bushes froze and I thought they would make a good puzzle.

Identify This: Part 48
Did you guess what this week's Identify This was?

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