Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snail Ice Cream

Sounds gross, right? It's not really ice cream made out of snails :)
If you haven't noticed yet, we like to play around with desserts and come up with new ideas. Sometimes they work out great and sometimes I can't quite get the vision to work. Originally this was going to be a turtle ice cream sundae, but it didn't quite look like a turtle...more like a snail. The boys loved it anyway!

You will need:

  • Small waffle cone bowls
  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate Chips

1. Place a scoop or two of ice cream on a plate. 
2. Place the waffle bowl face down in the middle of the scoop so that it hangs off the back of the scoop and rests on the plate.
3. Push two chocolate chips into the ice cream for eyes.
4. Enjoy!

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