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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Encounters Of The Animal Kind

In honor of Shark Week, today's post is about our visit to the Aquarium. When it was just Bernardo, we had a pass to the Aquarium. However, once we had Higgins, we didn't make it to the Aquarium enough to justify the pass. Now we go once a year on a special admission price day.

The boys love the Aquarium. There are a lot of different animals: sharks, turtles, fish, starfish, crabs, jellyfish and penguins.
If you come at the right time you can watch the scuba divers clean the tanks. The Aquarium has an area where the kids can touch a starfish or a horseshoe crab. There are clear tunnels to walk under the water and observe the animals.

The highlight of the trip, for the boys, is at the end of the exhibits. There is a shark petting area! The sharks are smaller and the pool is deep enough that they can swim to the bottom if they don't want to be touched. There is an instructor at the pool to teach the kids to only  touch the shark with two fingers after the shark's eyes. It's pretty cool and the boys love seeing the sharks and being able to touch them.
To Pet, Or Not To Pet...That is The Question...

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