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Friday, August 17, 2012

School Days

When my son started preschool, I continued the fine family tradition of taking pictures of him standing on the front porch with his backpack before he leaves for school. I know my mom still has some of mine at her house, a few of which I sincerely hope my kids never see. (Think big 1980's glasses and knee high socks. I can hear the giggling now).

On the first and last day of school, we try to make it special and give a good start/end to the school year (school is fun, yay!). After the first/last day is over, we go out to lunch (or dinner) and they get to pick where we go. McDonald's is a "sometimes treat" in our house, so that is usually what they pick. At lunch, I ask all the standard questions (What did you do today?, Did you have fun?, What did you learn?, What crafts did you make?, What was your snack?, Who did you play with?, What did you play?, Did you play inside or outside today?). I have discovered that boys don't always readily tell you how their day was or what they did, so I'm trying encourage them to tell me about their day by asking the questions. Hopefully, one day they'll do it on their own!

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  1. As a mom to a middle schooler, high schooler and college student...all boys, I hate to tell you it doesn't change. They don't ever tell you anything unless asked.
    Found you from the Blog Hop! Following!


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